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March in Review/April Preview


Substitute “doing my homework” with “writing.”

So, I’m not really into review posts, or at least I don’t think I am, because I usually find them to be a boring recap of things I’ve already read, but this review post is different because I haven’t been posting hardly anything for you to read, and it is therefore new information and more of a preview of things I will (hopefully) write about in April. You know, if I find the time. This will also warn you of the plethora of book related posts that may be coming your way. Hopefully, you guys like those posts and aren’t disappointed in my lack of apathy and writing posts.

So what have I been doing? Lots of stuff:


This month I was fortunate enough to meet Patricia Briggs (My favorite Urban Fantasy author, and definitely in my top 5 favorite authors, probably even top three), Brandon Mull (ok, this was my second time meeting him, but it was still awesome), Chad Morris (who I haven’t read yet, but his books sound awesome), Dan Wells (who wore an awesome hat), and I even briefly met Robinson Wells (who I, sadly, didn’t have sign a book because I have not read him yet, and didn’t have enough money to buy his book this month). Depending how I feel, I may be driving an hour tomorrow night to meet Ally Condie, (who I already have one signed book, and haven’t gotten around to reading or buying her other books, so we will see). In any case, I have photos and stories, and recordings and/or transcripts of Q&As that I will hopefully get around to sharing.


I haven’t been in the mood to read lately, and then about a week ago I went book crazy. I think it was sparked by Night Broken, the new Patricia Briggs book. It was awesome. My point is that I plan to do reviews for the books I’ve read recently, and they are: Night Broken, Seraphina, The Winner’s Curse, Half Bad, and Ruins. I also reread the Alpha and Omega series this last week. And while I’m talking about reviews I should mention that I still plan on writing a review for last month’s book club book, Steelheart. Maybe I’ll do a book review blitz, 5-6 reviews in one day. I also read Sky Raiders this month, but I already reviewed it. Now I just need to decide what to read next…

Not Reading

I discovered this last week that my shelf of to-reads is full. Not to mention all the ebooks I need to read. To top it off, about an hour ago I was reviewing my list of favorite authors and discovered there are at least three books I thought I had read but now realize I have in fact NOT read. Apparently, I just assumed I had read them because I had been so excited for them to come out. I’m not sure how I managed to do this to myself.

Hiking & Hanging with Friends

I’ve been going on a lot of hikes with friends and family these last two months, which has been awesome. I may have some thoughts to share about that… I also went on a mini vacation with some friends that involved a zoo, an aquarium, a snow storm, and Dan Wells. I’m guessing Dan Wells is the only part of that you’ll find interesting.


I had some family come up to visit, which was fun. I won’t be writing a post about it, but I wanted you to understand part of why I was so busy.  (Sometimes I like making excuses).


I actually haven’t been writing at all lately, which will probably be the subject of at least one post.

Watching YouTube and Scouring Facebook

So this isn’t really newsworthy, but I found some awesome videos and articles that gave me some ideas to talk about.


I sampled Netflix for the first time. I think I could get addicted to it.

In sadder news, my favorite TV show, Psych, had its series finale. I am in mourning.



So there you have it, a somewhat useless and rather vague recap of my month. If you managed to read to the end I applaud you. Hopefully, having this published will motivate me to actually write the posts I want to write.

Please share your thoughts and comments.