Apathy & Rhetoric

What & Why

What are apathy and rhetoric?

  • Apathy: Lack of interest or emotion.
  • Rhetoric: Something to do with writing, (which to me includes reading).

Why is this site called Apathy and Rhetoric?

  1. It sounds cool.
  2. It kinda defines my life, and let’s be honest, all writing is, in some way, about the author.

What do apathy and rhetoric have to do with each other?

  1. People who have apathy like to escape and ignore reality. The best way to do that is to read.
  2. Apathy can be dangerous when you have too much of it. The best way to combat it is to embrace a passion, preferably one that makes you both think and put forth effort. Obviously, I am talking about writing.
  3. I’m pretty sure apathy is a major cause of writer’s block, which all (normal) writers suffer from.

What is this blog about?

Well, for starters, apathy and rhetoric. Although, I’ll be expanding on apathy to include anxiety, shyness, ADD, and other alternate states of mind (I don’t like calling it mental illness). As for rhetoric, that includes book reviews, writing tips, and blog posts where I write. I’ll also post things to combat writer’s block, and things to increase writer’s block. Sometimes I’ll write posts that talk about authors, and sometimes posts that talk about fictional people who may or may not have alternate states of mind. I’ll also be posting things that humor me, because who doesn’t like to laugh?

Why not just have a blog about writing? Why add apathy?

  1. I find blogs that are just about books or writing to be somewhat boring. (If you have a blog about books/writing don’t get offended. I get bored easily).
  2. It isn’t unique. There are already a ton of blogs like that out there. Just look at how many people got offended when I called those sites boring.
  3. I think I would run out of things to say. At least anything new or original, and why write something that has already been said?
  4. I have a lot I want to say about alternate states of mind, and making two separate blogs feels like too much work.

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