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Back From the Dead with August’s Book Club Nominations

Escape reality book club

Don’t worry, I have not actually died. I simply went through several back to back phases of laziness and antisocialness with the occasional too busy to get to bloggingness. Seeing as it is finally once again my turn to nominate books for book club I decided to grace you with a post. This means that this month all voters get two chances to vote, here and at Niki’s. (I’m kinda hoping I’m the only one who notices this so that I can sway the votes. Shh.)

If you have no idea what book club I’m talking about click here.


Here are my nominations:

This month I decided to add a little variety. They are all books I’ve already read, which means I know they’re awesome. I’m too lazy to post the summaries, and really you can read them anywhere, so instead I’ll tell you why you should vote for them.

how to ditch your fairy 2

How to Ditch Your Fairy

This is one of those books that I think every person should read. Primarily because I want to have discussions with people about what type of fairy they think they have, but also because it is an awesome book. The style of the world building reminds me of (dare I say it) Harry Potter. The characters are realistic and down to earth. The idea is original and compelling. What’s not to love? The first time I read it I enjoyed it, but then I couldn’t get it out of my head and to read it again and again until it became one of my all time favorite books. Really, you all need to read it and then tell me what type of fairy I have because I can’t figure it out.

night of the howling dogs 2

Night of the Howling Dogs

This one is based on a true story, which really makes it that much cooler. (Hopefully, that also clues you in that it is not a fantasy book.) A boy scout troop in Hawaii camps at the base of volcano and ends up being at the epicenter of a giant earthquake. Need I say more? If you want a break from science fiction, but still have lots of action (not to mention great character building) then this is the book for you. It’s also only $6.99 🙂

bloodlines 2


One of my all time favorite series. The fifth book just came out, (Today actually, but don’t worry I’ve already finished it) and I was tempted to nominate each book as my five nominations just to force you all to read this series. I may still do this. This is a sequel series to Vampire Academy, which is also awesome, but I surprisingly like this one more. If you like Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance then you definitely need to read this book.

slammed 2


My coworker insisted I read this book, but also told me to ignore the summary. That is because it is the worst summary ever written for a book. The book itself is awesome though. It was one of those books that was e-published and became so popular a major publisher picked it up. Slammed is technically considered by some to be New Adult rather than Teen, (which I don’t understand because the main character is a teen) but it is so great I nominated it anyway. I cannot even put into words how well written this book is. I read it twice in a row.

I'd tell you I love you 2

I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You

Great teen fluff. Kind of a romance, but also comedic and action packed. She goes to a school for spies, which means Niki should love it because she loves books set in schools. I don’t really care about school settings, but I loved the humor and the characters.  I loved the idea that girls can be tough and strong and know how to defuse a nuclear bomb, but not realize that searching a boys trash in order to gain intel is maybe not the best way to have a relationship. 🙂

unwind 2


This is a dystopian novel, but a good dystopian novel. Meaning, I actually found it to be quite original. I thought the idea of unwinding people to be intriguing. I think this book could create some great discussions. I haven’t read beyond the first book though so I can’t promise the series ends well. You have been warned.