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Update on Weekly Meme Thingy

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In case any of you were dying to see if I kept to the resolutions I made a week ago, I thought I’d give you an update. The Weekly Meme Thingy I mentioned called Writer’s Block Wednesday will not be starting today. After much thought, I decided it worked better as a weekend thing. My reasons:

  1. More people have time to write on the weekend.
  2. It is a two-part meme, which means I need at least two days for it. Since all meme’s must be alliterations in order to be good,* I decided to call it Writer’s Block Weekend.**
  3. I am contemplating joining the Waiting On…Wednesday Meme Thingy, and didn’t want to do two memes in one day.***
  4. I watch Psych on Wednesdays.


Look for it this weekend! (Unless I get busy; however, I guarantee I’ll have it up before the end of the year). 😉


*I might try to disprove this theory.

**I’m still not 100% happy with the name; therefore, it is still subject to change.

***I don’t like the name of this meme. It makes it sound like I’m waiting for Wednesday, which makes no sense because all new books come out on Tuesday.****

****Unless they are by James Patterson, then they come out on Monday.


Author: Charlotte

I like to be mysterious.

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